Solomon Finkelstein

In a word – amazingly professional and personable (actually 4 words). We had had our home on the market last September 2018 with a different agent and really got nowhere. Then in April 2019 we decided to try again, but this time with Pascale. We knew of her through a close friend who sang the praises of Pascale, and with that and knowing Pascale lived in the same neighborhood, we called her. Our first meeting with Pascale convinced us that she really understood the neighborhood, the market, and what it took to actually get our home sold. Her advise on repainting, and staging went way beyond what we had experienced before. She was always available when needed and she even had to lead the other agents involved on the buyer side of our home and the seller side of the home we purchased. It was like she was the master professor for those other agents with always looking after our needs in a professional and honest manner. She is professional and without reproach. We too now sing her praises. In the end she also becomes a true friend with a wealth of knowledge on advising workers, contractors, etc..

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